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BT Maskinteknik

Ball nozzle

Ball nozzle

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Ball nozzle

The ball nozzle is really good for many tasks and it excels in its design.

  • Good for flushing smaller wires with bends.
  • The ball nozzle is almost impossible to get stuck.
  • Spool angle of 15 °, 20°

Material: Stainless Steel

Also stocked in hardened stainless steel. If you want this, contact us then.


New! The ball nozzle can be delivered in several variants, e.g. with 3 forward-facing jets, which hit each other far forward, as well as 3 forward-facing jets that face outwards, which are good for cleaning fall trunks. See the products Searching Ball Nozzle and Ball Jet.

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Delivery to Sweden, Norway and Finland with Interfjord.

We also deliver to the rest of the EU & world.

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