Refund policy

Returned goods and returnable packaging

1. Items are not returned.

- Only consumers have the right of withdrawal. When the buyer is a trader, there is no question of consumer purchases, and there is therefore no right of withdrawal under the law. Since we sell to businesses, there is therefore no right of withdrawal.

2. If, despite the above, it is agreed that BT Maskinteknik ApS takes goods back, the goods must be unused, in defect-free condition, and in original unbroken packaging.

3. Items that are custom-made and / or brought home to the buyer will never be returned.

4. Approved returned goods are credited with a deduction from the fee set by BT Maskinteknik to cover return and sales costs. Returnable packaging is credited for free delivery in undamaged condition within 3 months. from BT Maskinteknik ApS` delivery.

5. Crediting is done with a deduction to cover wear and tear, handling and shipping costs.

Any return can only be made according to prior agreement, and the returned item must be sent to:

BT Maskinteknik ApS
Ledetvej 2, 9870 Sindal