About BT Maskinteknik

BT Maskinteknik has many years of experience in the machine industry. Partly as a subcontractor to the metal industry and partly with its own niche production consisting of products within environmentally friendly oil pressing and pellet pressing.

BT Maskinteknik is constantly evolving, and today we produce all kinds of nozzles, root cutters, swivels, etc. which have all been thoroughly tested as being of very high quality. BT Maskinteknik has an efficient machine park, consisting of advanced CNC machines. We are therefore ready to produce nozzles according to your needs and your wishes. We have our own stock of various standard nozzles, as well as root cutting equipment.

We strive to always deliver quality products with a very high finish and short delivery time.

OBS! For special production, however, a longer delivery time must be expected.

We look forward to hearing from your company.

BT Maskinteknik v / Brian Thomsen
Ledetvej 2
9870 Sindal

Cvr.nr.: 29831734

Tel .: 98 46 61 57 - (Press 1 for Office & Press 2 for Production)
Mobile: 21 28 37 49 by Brian Thomsen, Owner (After 14:30 on weekdays).

Email: info@btmaskinteknik.dk

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Kataloget er i pdf-format.

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