Legal notice

Retention of title

Only if full payment has not taken place (For other payment) - The ownership of the delivered products remains with BT Maskinteknik ApS´ as long as the delivered has not been paid or the trade agreement has not been fulfilled. The buyer is obliged to insure the order for a total new value from the day of delivery until full payment has taken place.

Liability for defects / operating losses / Remedy right

1. BT Maskinteknik ApS provides for all deliveries the right to remedy for a period of twelve consecutive months, calculated from the day of delivery provided normal use. The buyer is obliged to respect and recognize BT Maskinteknik ApS 'right to remedy.

2. BT Maskinteknik ApS 'remedy does not cover defects / operating losses which have been provided by the buyer or of constructions prescribed by him or specified by him.

3. BT Maskinteknik ApS 'remedy only covers deficiencies that have arisen under the working conditions stipulated in the agreement and during the correct use of the material.

4. The remedy does not cover defects that are due to causes that have arisen after the risk has passed to the buyer. The remedy does not include, for example, defects due to inadequate maintenance, incorrect installation made by the buyer, changes made without BT Maskinteknik Aps` written consent or repairs that the buyer has performed incorrectly.

5. Finally, the remedy does not include normal wear and tear and deterioration, as well as default and improper use of the equipment. In no case is BT Maskinteknik ApS liable for operating losses, lost profits or other financial consequential losses.

6. The right to remedy the delivery lapses upon change of ownership. Parts of the delivery that are not manufactured by BT Maskinteknik ApS are only reimbursed to the same extent as BT Maskinteknik ApS obtains compensation from the subcontractor.

Arbitration clause

1. All disputes between the parties that arise in connection with this agreement must be finally settled by arbitration in Aalborg in accordance with the rules applicable to the arbitral tribunal and Danish law.

Printing Errors & Missing

Reservations are made for printing errors and defects in the webshop & product catalog.