Shipping policy

Prices & Delivery

The following terms of sale and delivery apply to all offers, orders and deliveries to the extent that they are not deviated from by other written agreement between the parties.

1. Prices appear from BT Maskinteknik ApS`s current price list or from the sent order confirmation. Delivery takes place from BT Maskinteknik ApS`s warehouse, unless otherwise agreed. All prices are basically displayed without VAT on the webshop.

2. Delivery will be by freight forwarder or parcel post depending on the size / volume of the order. Delivery time for items in stock is 4-6 business days.

3. Danish customers can also pick up the order themselves (by appointment) - when the order is ready for pickup you will be contacted.

4. For custom-made products, you must expect extra delivery time, as these must first be in production.

5. All prices are daily prices in the specified currency. All prices are exclusive of freight, packaging, VAT and taxes. BT Maskinteknik ApS is entitled to make changes in prices if changes occur in material supplies, raw material prices, exchange rates or other conditions outside BT Maskinteknik ApS´ control, including customs, freight and insurance rates, etc.

6. VAT and delivery are calculated at checkout.

Terms and conditions

1. The basis for our sales in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland is NLM 94 and NL 92, which apply to the extent that the conditions are not deviated from in the following.

2. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the deliveries are sold ex-works (EX-Works) and Incoterms 1990 applies. The delivery time is calculated from the date of BT Maskinteknik ApS 'written order confirmation, provided that all technical details and formalities for the execution of the order at this time are available. If a confirmed, irrevocable letter of credit or other payment security has been agreed, this must also be available. Otherwise, the delivery time is calculated from the time when all conditions have been rectified.

3. If the buyer fails to receive finished deliveries on the agreed day, he is nevertheless obliged to make any payment conditional on delivery, as if the delivery had taken place.

4. Furthermore, BT Maskinteknik ApS may terminate the agreement and demand compensation from the buyer for damage caused to BT Maskinteknik ApS by the buyer's negligence. If delay in delivery is due to war, strike, lockout, other force majeure or political circumstances, and lack of subcontracting, raw materials and supplies, which BT Maskinteknik ApS does not control, or the buyer's action or omission, the delivery time is extended accordingly. In these situations, BT Maskinteknik ApS assumes no responsibility towards the buyer. If the buyer does not comply with the agreed provisions on the payment of the purchase price, BT Maskinteknik ApS is not obliged to deliver.

5. No compensation is provided for delivery delays and the buyer is not entitled to cancel the transaction for this reason. When shipping, the products are packaged at BT Maskinteknik ApS's discretion, and the costs for this are paid by the buyer, if packaging is not explicitly included in the price. Shipping is always at the buyer's responsibility and risk, also by free delivery, and the recipient is responsible for ensuring that the necessary transport insurance is taken out, unless otherwise expressly agreed.