Collection: Swivel joint


BT Maskinteknik has the best swivels on the market! Our swivel joints are tested to the extreme daily! Our swivel joints are available in both angle and straight design. All swivels are made of stainless steel and thus with stainless steel ball bearings. 

The advantages of our swivel joint:

  • We give a 2-year tightness guarantee! When used correctly.
  • With this product you extend the service life of seals as we have support bearings in the sealing housing.
  • Our angle swivels can be equipped with special seals so that they can be used for steam and other aggressive liquids (inquire further).
  • All swivels are made of stainless steel and can handle working pressures up to 350 Bar.
  • Longer time between changing pivots and gaskets - you get lower operating costs.
  • Easy to install.
  • Replaceable packing set.
  • Low friction, with pressure - and without pressure, easy to rotate and pull out.