Terms of service

Quotation & order confirmation

1. When you place an order on our webshop btmaskinteknik.dk, you will automatically receive an order confirmation when you have completed the payment. Read more under payment.

2. Unless the item is in stock and can be shipped, then when payment is received we will begin production of the order. Note! That for special order according to the customer's wishes, then one should expect a longer delivery time. Read more during delivery.

3. For sales other than on the webshop - Any offer is subject to intermediate sales. BT Maskinteknik ApS 'offer is binding for 30 days, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Offer and agreed price / discount, is conditional on timely payment of the item. In the event of non-payment of payment terms, the offer and agreed price will be waived, and then it is list prices that apply and the claim as well. An agreement on final delivery is only available when the buyer has received written order confirmation from BT Maskinteknik ApS and only this is binding. The buyer is instructed to follow the instructions for use, brochures and other information supplied with the item, or to obtain the necessary information about the area of use, as well as the correct method of use for the purchased item. BT Maskinteknik ApS assumes no responsibility for the content of catalogs, brochures and other information, including electronic information of any kind from our suppliers.

Drawings and descriptions

1. All information about weight, dimensions, capacity, technical and other data listed in catalogs, prospectuses, circulars, advertisements, imagery, measurement sketches and price lists is approximate and non-binding. BT Maskinteknik ApS
reserves the right to make any changes that are deemed technically necessary by BT Maskinteknik ApS when the order is executed.


1. Payment is made at the webshop via Payment Card - Here we receive payment with Dankort / Visa-Dankort, Visa Electron, Mastercard and JCB via Shopify Payments.

2. Failure to pay - If there is no cover on your card or you do not complete the purchase - then the item will not be shipped and the purchase will be canceled.

3. Payment by Bank Transfer is available. Payment net 8 days. Note - the order will not be produced / shipped (if the item is in stock) until the order is paid. If the order is not paid within 15 days, the order will be deleted.

4. (Denmark only) EAN Payment - Public institutions can pay via EAN. Make an order - select "payment by bank transfer" or contact us and let us know EAN no.

5. For payments other than webshop - Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be secured through a bank guarantee or irrevocable letter of credit, at BT Maskinteknik ApS's choice. The payment terms are net 20 days from the product delivery. The buyer is not entitled to withhold payment due to. any counterclaims which BT Maskinteknik ApS has not acknowledged. If payment is made later than the agreed payment term, interest will be charged p.t. 1.5% pr. commenced month, which is credited to the amount due at the beginning of each month.


1 Montage is not included in BT Maskinteknik ApS 'offer, unless this is explicitly stated.