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BT Pellet Press

BT Pellet Press - A previous product

BT Maskinteknik started back in 2007 a production of pellet presses, but which today is not a product that is produced anymore at the factory.

However, this has not meant that BT Maskinteknik and owner Brian Thomsen have put them on the shelf completely, because he now regularly receives requests to help start them up again. Machines which may have been unused for several years, but now need to be started up again - especially due to the lack of pellets for fuel here in 2022/23.

It's great to hear that these are still running, and it's often small things that just need to be fixed so that they can start again. It just testifies to a quality that BT Maskinteknik stands for in their entire current range, from Biopresses to flush nozzles.

Do you have questions about the pill press, or do you have one that you would like help to start up. So feel free to contact us.

BT Pillepresser

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