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BT Maskinteknik



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Hand-Nozzles & Hand-Nozzle Iance

The hand nozzle is suitable for flushing manure channels and troughs, shafts and lowering boxes, etc. Good for cleaning wells / pumping stations.

Iansen is with height-adjustable handle in stainless steel. Ianselængde: 120cm., 150cm. (Vare no. BT1004.) 1/4 "Rg. For nozzle mounting.


The hand-nozzle lance (BT1004) is delivered as standard with 2 replaceable jet tips and with replaceable nozzle insert w / 1 sharp jet & 1 fan jet.

Material: Stainless Steel

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Delivery to Denmark with Danish Freightmen.

Delivery to Sweden, Norway and Finland with Interfjord.

We also deliver to the rest of the EU & world.

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